Photography Services in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire & the South West

Sports and Motorsports Photography, Equestrian Photography in Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset

Dorset Photographer, Action Sports Photography Dorset, Motor Sports PhotographyAs with all action sports, motorsports and equestrian events photography, it’s not only down to the timing of when to press the shutter release, you need to consider many other conditions such as background, the best angle and view point, where the subject will be and the best position, lighting conditions, shutter speed, focus point and exposure to name but a few. It is essential that the action is recorded at the precise time to show that it is a moment in time that has been frozen illustrating the thrills and joys of such sports are purely momentary. When shooting various action sports, motorsports and equestrian events, PDMS photography has the experience and is totally dedicated in achieving action packed images that are unique and of the highest quality using only the best and reliable, top-end professional equipment.

Working closely with clubs and organisations associated with the running of motocross, motorsports, action sports and equestrian sports events in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and the South West regions, PDMS Photography are able to provide professional quality, action sports photography coverage at very reasonable and competitive rates. We can also assist various organisations and clubs with the promotion of sports and activities by allowing totally unlimited use of the photographs for promotional and advertising purposes.

Our graphic design and printing services compliment our photographic service and may also be of interest to various organisations and clubs for the production of fliers, advertising leaflets and promotional material for a variety of events and club activities. For further details, information or bookings for sport photography coverage or our graphic design and printing service, please contact us with your requirements.


Photo Restoration and Photo Repair Service - Dorset

Dorset Photographer, Photo Restoration and Image Scanning - Before RestorationDorset Photo Restoration and Image Scanning - After RestorationWith family history and ancestry research now an extremely popular and growing pastime, PDMS Photography have expanded their level of services and now provide a photo scanning and photo restoration packages.

Your old photographs, transparency slides or negatives which may have become marked, scratched, creased or faded with age can be digitally restored and included within your family tree giving it a new dimension and make it a more interesting and visually pleasing project.

As the degree of work can vary considerably with the restoration of old photographs, transparency slides or negatives following a visual assessment, we first provide you with a costing for your acceptance before any work is undertaken. 

The original photographs you supply to us for restoration are digitally scanned therefore retaining their present condition. Working from the scanned digital image, the restoration of your aged or damaged photographs begin.

If you require prints to be reproduced, you can request that we send a watermarked proof for your approval before the final print is produced. You are free to supply your own scanned image, however, we would require a high quality scanned image otherwise, the final image quality may be affected by the quality, resolution of the scan and the file format you provide.

Large files can be uploaded to Dropbox, filedropper, filesavr, WeTransfer or similar cloud services and are provided free of charge, you then simply email us the link.

Print sizes: our standard print sizes are approximately 7in x 5in dependant on the original print aspect ratios. Larger sizes are available on request. 

Our Photo Restoration Service starts from as little as £15.00 



Photograph Digital Scanning Service

Dorset Photographer, Digital prints, negatives and slide scanningSave your valuable memories digitally with our professional scanning service. This is ideally suited if you have old photographs, negatives or slides, PDMS can convert them to a JPG or TIF digital image format. This will give you the advantage of including images with your family trees, producing additional prints, creating specific slide shows or simply to preserve them as an alternative format that will never degrade with age. You will also have the advantage of being able to send copies of the files to family and friends without ever letting go of the originals. 

Negative Film Scanning
35mm, 6x6cm, 6x9cm, 5x4in, 10x8in

High quality scanning of your negatives up to 4800 PPI provided as JPG or TIF files on CD/DVD or USB Memory Stick. Digital ICE is included as standard to help with the reduction of dust and scratches. With family history now a very popular pastime digital images can easily be included in family tree building software bringing a new dimension and interest or, you may just want to preserve or share your photographs with family and friends.  

Slide Film Scanning
35mm Glassless Mounts, 6x6cm, 5x4in, 10x8in

Scanning of your slides with modern digital technology can offer many uses as well as preserving their current state. Slides are best scanned if they are mounted in glassless mounts as cleaning of glass mounts is somewhat time consuming and usually would entail removing the transparency from the mount for thorough cleaning prior to scanning.  

Photo Scanning
All sizes up to 10x8in

We would normally scan your photographs at 300 PPI which is suitable for most photographs, however, if required, we can scan them at 600 PPI as JPG or TIF files supplied on CD/DVD or USB Memory Stick. 

PPI is the abbreviated term for pixels per inch, the number of dots that can be placed in line within 1 inch. The higher the PPI of an image, the larger the resultant file will be. Generally, most photographs are printed at 300 PPI, therefore scanning at a higher resolution will have no affect on improving the quality of the original image, however if you intend to print larger than the original print size a higher resolution scan may be beneficial.

JPG image files are the most commonly used for photographic. Photos scanned as JPG files do produce very good results requiring a minimum of disc space as they are compressed which results in a loss of quality. If you intend to modify JPG files, each time they are saved will compress the file further degrading the quality. An alternative would be to scan the photographs without compression, lossless, however these files are much larger so require higher storage volumes if you intend to transfer them to a HDD.

TIF - Tagged Image File Format files are normally used in the professional industries. They are a more superior quality image in comparison to that of JPG files as the image is not compressed although they take considerably more disc space. We are able to scan your photographs in either format and at an alternative PPI if required.  


Personal Injury Photography

Dorset Photographer, Somerset Photographer, Personal Injury PhotographyPDMS Photography provides a confidential and mobile Personal Injury Photography service throughout Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Our Personal Injury Photography service is ideal for solicitors or individuals pursuing claims for injuries and wishing to have an accurate and documented photographic record of their personal injuries for use as supporting evidence in assisting with accident and personal injury claims. We can photograph and record any injuries that are visible to the human eye. The use of our professional portable studio equipment ensures total control of lighting and that a true and detailed image of the injuries are recorded. If required, clients may view and choose the photographs required for printing on the same day. We also provide you with documentation confirming that the images are a true representation and certify that no enhancements, retouching or manipulation has been carried out. Prints are normally ready for collection within 5 working days or delivered directly to you, your solicitor or legal adviser for a small additional fee. 

Our Personal Injury Photography Service includes:

Photography in your own home, hospital or at any specified location

Two sets of up to 10 colour prints size 7” x 5”

Scale applied where appropriate

Reference numbered prints signed and dated by the photographer and Declaration Certificate stating images are a true representation and have not been retouched

Pricing & Terms

Our standard fee for the Personal Injury Photography Service within our 25 miles service area is £180.00 including VAT at 20%

Includes p&p of prints 

The fee is payable before commencement of photography

Additional sets of prints are available at £25 per set inclusive of VAT at 20%


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